0202 Lotti Color SP

It is a silicone added, acrylic copolymer based plaster which is produced with high viscosity in accordance with the interior walls.

► Acrylic Copolymer Based
► On Interiors
► High Adherence
► Superior Closing Force
► Easy To Apply
► Economic

> White
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• It is used as a plaster on concrete, parget and similar raw walls and interior surfaces before all top coat interior wall paints.

• It has high adherence power.
• Matte, white color with superior covering power.
• It provides a strong adhesion between the surface it is applied and the coatings thanks to its natural fillings.
• It prevents dirt and stains on the application surface from reaching the coating surface.
• It hardens the application surface, may be applied by roller or brush.

a) Surface Preparation:
The application surface should be solid, carrier, dust-free and dry. The surface should be thoroughly cleaned of any oil and paraffin residues that may weaken the adherence.

b) Product Preparation:
0202 Lotti SP is mixed thoroughly by diluting with 15-20% water before application and applied directly to the surface without dilution. Very good mixing should be done during diluting.

c) Application Method:
It is applied to the surface by roller or brush. The process is repeated on very absorbent surfaces. After the drying test, other processes are started.


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