0301 Lotti Color C

It is acyllic copolymer binder based, matt, indoor ceiling paint. It can be used safely for decorative and protective purposes on all kinds of interior surfaces such as primer, plaster, concrete and eternit.

► Acrylic Copolymer Based
► High Covering
► Matte Appearance
► Indoor
► Practical Application
► Low Consumption

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• It is preferred to use on satin plaster, pasted, sheetrock surfaces and old painted/plastered interior ceiling surfaces which have not dusting behaviour.

• 0301 Lotti Color C is a specially formulated ceiling paint with ideal opacity, smooth appearance, optimum whiteness and maximum covering power. It integrates with the applied surface. It does not swell and spill. It provides labor saving thanks to its spreading power during application and has high breathing ability.

a) Surface Preparation:
The application surface should be free from all kinds of dirt, dust, form oil and loose layers and should be made solid, dry, clean and self-supporting. Setting time should be waited on concrete, exposed concrete and new plastered surfaces (28 days), loose plaster particles must be removed from the surface by scraper or similar methods. Necessary surface correction and repairs should be done. Do not apply directly on lime. Care should be taken that the ambient and surface temperatures are between +5°C and +30°C during the application and product drying time.

b) Product Preparation:
It is recommended to apply in two coats by diluting 20% with clean water in brush and roller applications.

c) Application Method:
Pressure in Airless Spray: 120-140 bar Nozzle Angle: 50° Nozzle Size (inch): 0.019″ Diluting: 10%
Drying Time (at 20°C, 65% HR) Touch dry: 1 hour Waiting time between coats: 6 hours Final drying: 24 hours (Drying time may be extended higher relative humidity and lower temperature).


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