0402 Lotti Clean CC

It is an acid-containing liquid cleaning agent for cleaning the residues of cementitious mortar, paint, gypsum and grouting on the surface of acid-resistant coating materials.

► Stain and Dirt Remover
► Acid Contained
► Indoors and Outdoors
► Horizontal and Vertical Surfaces
► Easy To Apply
► Economic

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• Indoor and outdoors,
• Horizontal and vertical surfaces,
• After application, it is used for cleaning of tiles, ceramics, granite ceramics, clinker, kotto, rustic flooring, matt natural stone and artificial stone floors.
• It is corrosive since it contains acid. It should not be used on natural granite, marble, natural stone or special glazed mosaic floors and metals as it will remove its brightness.
• Thanks to its acidic content, it cleans easily the residues that do not come out with normal cleaning materials.
• The active ingredients are 90% recyclable.

a) Surface Preparation:
Since the material is acidic, a small area is tested before application to check whether the coating material is acid-resistant. Otherwise, the coating material may be damaged.

b) Application Method:
It can be used by diluting with 1/1 to 1/3 water depending on the amount of residue. 0402 Lotti Clean CC Cement Waste Cleaner is poured over the cement residue and is penetrated until the cement residue becomes moist and wet. Wait for 5-10 minutes to dissolve the material adhering to the surface. Loose residues is removed from the surface by means of a plastic construction brush or a damp cloth that will not damage the surface. The dirty water formed on the ground should be taken to a bucket with sponge. Then the surface is cleaned with water and rinsed.


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