2004 Fuga Ultra Flex

It is a high performance, very flexible, cement based joint filter that can be used indoors and outdoors suitable for 1-6 mm joint gap.

► Cement Based
► Very Flexible
► Horizontal, Vertical Surfaces
► Indoors and Outdoors
► Mold and Fungus Resistant
► Low Consumption

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It is used for;
• Indoor and outdoor,
• Horizontal and vertical applications,
• Places such as pool, water tank, Turkish bath and sauna,
• Floor heating systems,
• Filling joints up to 1-6 mm of coatings such as granite ceramic, large ceramic, tile, natural granite, marble, clinker and glass mosaic.
• It has not fading, dusting and cracking.
• Provides smooth surface.
• Not affected by sudden temperature changes.
• Water and frost resistant.
• Can be used in floor heating systems.
• Adheres perfectly to the ceramic edges without cracking.
• Offers a rich color selection and is decorative.
• Resistant to abrasion.

a) Surface Preparation:
It should be paid attention that the ceramics are well adhered in order not to move during application, and the adhesive should be completely dry. Any dust, dirt, sawdust, construction and cement residues remaining in the joint gaps on the surfaces where the flooring process is completed should be thoroughly cleaned with a thin rod or brush. Make sure that the joint gaps are at least 2/3 of ceramic thickness. The cleaned gaps should be moistened with a wet sponge.

b) Product Preparation:
20 kg 2004 Fuga UltraFlex derz dolgu malzemesi (1-6 mm), yaklaşık 6-7 lt temiz su içine katılarak, tercihen düşük devirli bir mikser ile topak kalmayacak şekilde karıştırılır. Toz harca katılacak su miktarına dikkat ediniz, fazla su katılmış şerbet halindeki uygulamadan kaçınınız. Harca katılan gereğinden fazla su çatlamalara, kolay aşınmalara ve tozumalara yol açacaktır. Hazırlanan koyu kıvamdaki derz dolgu olgunlaşması için 5 -10 dakika dinlendirilir ve tekrar 1 -2 dakika karıştırılarak kullanılır. Kaptaki karışım yaklaşık 1 saat içinde tüketilmelidir.

c) Application Method:
The joint sealant must be filled into the joints with a hard rubber tipped squeegee or hard rubber based joint spreading trowel. In order to fully fill the gaps, they must be pulled first parallel and then crosswise. The excess of the mortar on the surface should be peeled off with a moistened soft tip spatula, after waiting for 15-30 minutes according to the ambient temperature, wiped with a damp sponge and the thin joint layer that may remain on the surface should be cleaned thoroughly. Joint cleaning should not be started prematurely. It should not be wiped with excess wet sponge in order not to cause color fluctuation. The sponge used should be cleaned frequently. It dries on walls after 24 hours, can be walked on floors after 48 hours, can be opened to pedestrian traffic after 7 days.

• White
• Ivory
• Cream
• Beige Bahamas
• Jasmin
• Istanbul Beige
• Paper Bag
• Cappadocia Beige
• Light Pink
• Pink
• Yuruk Beige
• Brown
• Red Brown
• Dark Brown
• Pool Blue
• Atlas Blue
• Light Gray
• Gray
• Anthracite
• Black


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