3001 Kristalize Plus

It is cement based, crystalline powdered mortar with capillary effect which is applied positively and negatively, becomes active with water and moisture, consists of chemicals and specially selected fine aggregate.

► Cement Based
► Special Aggregate Reinforced
► Horizontal and Vertical Surfaces
► One Component
► Capillary Effective
► Low Consumption

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It is used;
• Waterproofing of horizontal and vertical surfaces,
• Waterproofing from negative or positive side,
• For waterproofing of underground and above ground structures,
• Waterproofing of concrete, plaster and screed.
• Easy to prepare and apply.
• It is applied with a brush.
• 3001 Kristalize Plus fills capillary gaps with permanent (insoluble) crystals formed by it and provides water impermeability.
• Protects concrete and reinforcement from corrosive effects of water.
• Resistant to negative and positive water pressure.
• Water vapor permeable.
• Resistant to freeze-thaw cycle.
• The crystals formed by mortar do not dissolve, not leave from surface and not aging.

a) Surface Preparation:
The application surfaces must be moist and dry surfaces should be moistened before application. Humidification is performed 24 hours before application and again 2 hours before the surface is fully saturated with water. Care should be taken not to accumulate water on the surfaces. Surfaces must be clean, sound, carrier and free from free particles. Layers such as oil, grease, dirt, paint, cement slurry, rust, molding oil, salt efflorescense that reduce adherence should be thoroughly cleaned before application. The surfaces should be roughened by mechanical methods in the required areas. Surfaces to be applied should be free of pits, fractures, segregation, mold defects, cracks, be smooth and not have dust emission. Such defects should be corrected with a repair mortar consisting of Lotti Repair Mortar and Lotti Latex mixture before application. Dilatations should be elastically insulated with Flex Band.

b) Product Preparation:
8.0-8.5 liters of clean water is prepared in a suitable pot. 3001 Kristalize Plus (25 kg) is added by continuous mixing. Mixing is continued for approximately 3 minutes. Mixing must be done with the help of a low speed (400 rpm) mixer and mixer tip. As a result of mixing, a homogenous, lump-free and spreadable mortar is obtained.

c) Application Method:
3001 Kristalize Plus is applied with a brush or suitable spraying equipment. Application is done in 2 or 3 layers. Layers should be applied homogeneously and uniformly, application should be done in the same direction on each layer. Avoid random and irregular applications. Allow to dry between layers (minimum 3 hours) but no longer than 24 hours. The surface should be cured by moistening at intervals during 72 hours following the application. It is important that cure application is performed correctly and adequately, humidification should be done regularly and frequently.


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