3006 Prolikit Max UV

It is elastomeric acrylic resin based, water based, single component, ready to use, elastic, resistant to sunlight and walkable, easily applied to all kinds of floors, white colored (paintable) super elastic waterproofing material.

► Acrylic Resin Based
► Water Based
► One Component
► UV Resistant
► Super Elastic
► Low Consumption

> White
> Public Works Pos No:


• Outdoor, vertical and horizontal applications,
• On inclined roofs,
• Concrete, zinc and precast valleys,
• On the northern exterior walls of silos, warehouses and buildings.
• Ready to use.
• Is applied with a brush.
• Not affected by sunlight, UV resistant.
• Maintains elasticity even at low temperatures.
• Provides high adherence.
• Easy and fast to apply.
• Resistant to freeze-thaw cycle.
• Paintable.

a) Surface Preparation:
The application surface must be solid, dry, carrier, dust-free and clean and at the same time in balance. The surface should be thoroughly cleaned of any oil, grease, rust and paraffin residues that may weaken the adherence and there should be no loose particles on the surface. Appropriate Lotti Repair Mortars should be used on unlevel surfaces. New plastered and reinforced concrete surfaces should be waited to complete the curing period of 28 days. Corners and edges should be chamfered with a 4 cm diameter with Lotti Sealant Mortar or Lotti Structural Repair Mortar. Surface gaps can be repaired with Lotti Sealant Mortar or Lotti Structural Repair Mortar. The flow of water towards the outlet must be ensured. Deep cracks should be filled with joint sealant.

b) Product Preparation:
3006 Prolikit Max UV is a ready-to-use material. In the primer application, 50% water is added to 3006 Prolikit Max UV and mixed with 400-600 rpm mixer for 3-5 minutes. In the first coat application, 20% water should be added and mixed with a mixer of 400-600 rpm for 3-5 minutes. Second coat should be applied without mixing with water.

c) Application Method:
The prepared primer should be applied to the surface with a brush or roller (200 gr/m²). After the primer has dried, the other coats should be applied to form a wet film thickness of 1 -1,50 mm. Cracks, joints, corners and edges should be supported with the appropriate waterproofing net after the first coat application.

d) Coloring:
3006 Prolikit Max UV is produced in white color. It can be colored with pastry pigment at a rate not exceeding 5% of the amount of material. 3006 Prolikit Max UV can be painted with acrylic based exterior paint after drying.


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