3011-02 Water Proff UV 2K

It is super elastic, UV resistant fully flexible waterproofing and concrete protection mortar that can be applied indoors and outdoors, consisting of emulsion polymer based liquid component, cement based powder component containing chemical additives that increase water impermeability and workability, resistant to positive and negative water pressure.

► Cement and Acrylic Based
► Super Elastic
► Two Component
► For Waterproofing Purposes
► Easy to Apply
► Low Consumption

> White
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• It is used; Indoors-outdoors, vertical and horizontal applications,
• On terraces, (provided that the surface is protected in gray applications)
• White color should be used in places exposed to UV.
• In soft water (pH 3 to pH 7) storage pools used in textile industry,
• In water tanks and Olympic swimming pools,
• In elevator pits,
• In eet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and balconies,
• In areas sensitive to movement, vibration and light seating as part of the foundation waterproofing system,
• For protection of concrete from water, carbonation and de-icing salts,
• In facilities such as hot springs and Turkish baths.
• Elastic, does not shrink and crack, UV resistant.
• Provides safe applications in waterproofing of terrace roofs which will not be covered under light load.
• Easily applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces by brush, roller, trowel or spraying machine.
• Provides seamless and jointless waterproofing.
• Provides high performance water impermeability.
• It is water vapor permeable and allows concrete to breathe.
• Non-toxic, ideal for drinking water tanks.
• Due to its flexibility and high adhesion performance, it forms a perfect waterproof layer under screed and ceramic.
• Protects concrete surfaces from carbonation and chloride.

a) Surface Preparation:
It should be ensured that the cement-based surfaces in contact with water are solid, dry, carrier, dust-free and clean and at the same time in balance. The surface should be thoroughly cleaned of any oil, grease, rust and paraffin residues that may weaken the adherence and there should be no loose particles on the surface. Iron and wooden wedges on the surface should be removed and if any, active water leakages and gaps should be filled with Lotti Sealant Mortar or Structural Repair Mortar, and corners and edges should be chamfered at least 4 cm radius. Application surface is wet and wait until the application surface is wet and dry/wet. If the coating material loses water immediately and becomes matt, it is understood that the surface is not sufficiently wetted or dries quickly. In such cases, when the air is hot or the materials remain in the wind, only 10% of component B can be added to the mixed material for the first layer.

b) Product Preparation::
Liquid component B (3011-02 Water Proff UV 2K) is poured into a clean application bucket and powder component A (3011-02 Water Proff UV 2K) is added slowly and they are mixed with a 400-600 rpm mixer for 3-5 minutes until a homogenous and lump-free mixture is obtained. After resting for 3-5 minutes and mixing again for 30 seconds, the material is ready for use.

c) Application Method:
Prepared 3011-02 Water Proff UV 2K mixture is applied in two or three layers with the help of a Thoro brush. The direction of brush application on each layer should be perpendicular to each other. Waiting time between coats varies according to ambient conditions. Reinforcement of 3011-02 Water Proff UV 2K with waterproofing net: First coat is applied with Thoro brush. After drying, the mesh is laid and the second and third coats are applied on it.


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