4004 Lotti Natural

It is a thermal insulation plastering mortar with high flexibility and adhesion, breathable, resistant to adverse weather conditions, water and impacts, fiber reinforced, providing ease of application.

► Cement Based
► Indoors and Outdoors
► Water and Frost Resistant
► Fiber Reinforced
► Shockproof
► Heat, Water, Fire, Sound Barrier

> Grey / White
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• Used in exterior and interior facades of buildings where water, heat and sound insulation are required.

• Mixed with water only.
• Extremely smooth surface.
• Polymer reinforced, provides high adherence without primer.
• Does not shrink.
• Resistant to water, frost and bad weather.
• Quick setting and does not crack.

a) Surface Preparation:
4004 Lotti Natural is easily applied to dry and slightly damp surfaces. However, the surfaces to be applied should be clean and free of all kinds of dirt, dust, oil and residues. Highly absorbent surfaces should be moistened before application. Lats that determine the thickness to be applied of 4004 Lotti Natural are nailed at appropriate intervals to form anos.

b) Product Preparation:
The appropriate amount of water is poured into the clean mixing vessel using a scale. Pour the whole bag over and mix thoroughly with the help of a mixer until all the lumps disappear. Allow to rest for about 5 minutes and mix again. The material is ready to use.

c) Primer:
The first layer of primer is applied between the anos with a steel trowel or spray with a maximum thickness of 0,5 cm.

d) Application Method:
The mortar, whose mixing process is completed, is applied to the primer till the thickness of the anos by applying or slamming with a trowel. It is jigged and the gaps between the anos are filled with 4004 Lotti Natural and smoothed. The surface of 4004 Lotti Natural is polished with tripylite by sprinkling water in the next time to dry, laid on the surface. Then it is smoothed to the desired thickness with a trowel. After the first setting time of the mortar (25-70 minutes according to the external temperature and the thickness of the mortar layer), polishing is completed with a trowel.


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