7003-01 Groutech

Cement based, single component, non-shrink, plastic consistency, high strength self-consolidating thin/thick grout mortar.

► Cement Based
► Indoors and Outdoors
► High Adhesion Strength
► Water and Frost Resistant
► Easy To Apply
► Low Consumption

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• It can be used in steel and prefabricated structures, machine and crane foundations, foundation sockets, curtain walls, column headings, installation steel columns to the foundation. It is used for installation of railway beds, precast structure columns, concrete anchors, support plates, gas and steam turbines, generators, compressors, press and turn benches, drilling machines, filling all kinds of gaps, holes and openings. Suitable for indoor and outdoor, on horizontal surfaces.

• Self-consolidating due to fluid properties.
• Has high abrasion resistance and mechanical strength.
• Does not shrink.
• Does not contain sulphate and chloride ions.
• Resistant to impact and vibration.
• Resistant to water and frost.
• Easy to prepare and apply.

a) Surface Preparation:
The surface should be dry, clean, sound and free of dust, oil, dirt or adhesion preventive materials should be cleaned from the surface and materials such as mortar and cement residues should be scraped. If the application is to be carried out on the old concrete surface, the surface should be moistened without forming a puddle. Metal surfaces should be clean, rust-free, free of grease and should not have scaly appearance. The mold to be used must be firmly fixed, clean and free from leakage. Make sure that there is no accumulated water on the floor in any application. Compressed air should be used if necessary to remove water from the surface.

b) Product Preparation:
Firstly, half of the powder in 25 kg bag is added to 4,5-5 lt water and mixed with a low speed (400 – 600 rpm) mixer until no lumps remain. Then remain powder is added and continue to mix for at least 5 minutes and 12.2 lt mortar is obtained.

c) Application Method:
7003-01 Groutech must be poured from one side of the prepared mold to avoid air bubbles. (The mortar containing air bubble will prevent full contact with the surface.) When applying the base plate, the casting should be made from a certain height to ensure the fluidity of the mortar. (For maximum performance, it is recommended to consume the mortar within 15 minutes.) Maximum 6 cm thickness is recommended for the connection of precast concrete elements and fixed bearing applications. It should be ensured that the mortar is delivered to places difficult to enter with an iron or wooden stick. Application of 1-20 mm.


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