7003-03 Groutech SM

It is a cement-based, single component, non-shrink, flowable consistency, quick setting, high strength self-consolidating grout mortar which is specially prepared without decomposition and perspiration.

► Cement Based
► Indoors and Outdoors
► High Adhesion Strength
► Water and Frost Resistant
► Easy To Apply
► Low Consumption

> Grey
> Public Works Pos No: 04.613/3C


• For raising manhole, storm drain covers,
• Mounting of curbstone and kerb,
• For fixing the poles,
• For fixing the machine feet,
• Repair of field concretes, aircraft and helicopter runways,
• For repairs that will be opened quickly and where high strength is required,
• For combination of the prefabricated concrete elements,
• Filling the gaps in hard-to-reach places,
• Fill the gaps around the pipes and components of the installation.
• Uygulama yapıldıktan sonra en geç 20 dakika içinde prizini almış olur. 1 – 2 saat sonra kullanıma açılabilir.
• Akışkanlık özelliğinden dolayı boşlukları doldurur ve pompa ile kolayca uygulanır.
• Priz sonrası rötreyi önler.
• İstendiği takdirde I numara temiz agrega ile %25 oranında karıştırılarak yüksek mukavemetli ve akışkan bir beton elde edilebilir.
• Yüksek yoğunluk özelliğinden dolayı yağ ve su geçirimliliğine dayanıklıdır.
• Metalik agrega ve klor içermez.

a) Surface Preparation:
The application surface should be cured. The application surface should be free of weakly adhering parts and must be free from dust, oil, tar, pitch, paint, silicone, curing agent, detergent and molding oils. When it is used to place the machine feet, the mortar should be leveled and then not changed position. The application surface should be wetted and kept moist, but the excess water that ponds the application surface should be completely removed. If there is water leakage on the application surface, it should be closed with a suitable plug and water leakage should be drained. In order to prevent leakage, the molds should be intact and the application area should be prevented from being subjected to vibration until the mortar hardens.

b) Product Preparation:
To obtain a fluent consistency, firstly, half of the powder in 25 kg bag is added to 3.25-4 liters of water and mixed with a low speed (400 – 600 rpm) mixer until no lump remains. The remain powder is then added and stirring is continued for at least 2 minutes to obtain a homogeneous consistency.

c) Application Method:
It should be applied immediately after the mixture is prepared because it gets quick setting. The prepared mortar is poured continuously from one side to prevent air squeezing into the mold in a way to form a thickness between 10 mm and 40 mm on each layer. For thicker applications, after the first coat is cured, the second coat is applied to the surface in the same way. It should not be subjected to vibration and placement with a steel wire should be done. Molds can be removed after approximately 1-2 hours. Vehicle traffic or starting of machines must be prevented until complete curing occurs.


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