7005-02 Restorex

Natural hydraulic lime based, one component, fiber-reinforced, cement-free special restoration mortar designed for use in historical masonry structures.

► Special Lime Based
► Can be used for restoration purposes
► Saves Time and Labor
► Water and Frost Resistant
► High Adhesion Strength
► Low Consumption

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> Public Works Pos No:


• For the restoration or strengthening of historical masonry structures,
• Repair or reconstruction of masonry domes and vaults,
• Forming the foundation for existing masonry walls,
• For filling large gaps.
• Repair works for the recovery of lost bearing capacity of stone, brick or alternate walls,
• In the formation of stone, brick or alternate attachments to be made for the purpose of repair or strengthened.
• For placing carbon rods in wall joints.
• Easy to apply.
• Does not contain cement.
• High adhesion strength.
• High mechanical strength.
• High efflorescence resistance.
• High water vapor permeability, breathable,
• Easy and fast application.
• Free of water-soluble salts.
• Low capillary water absorption.

a) Surface Preparation:
Surfaces must be clean, smooth, sound, free of all kinds of dust, oil, dirt, rust, molding oil, detergent, etc. adhesion preventive materials and residues. Weak parts on the surface must be removed. Absorbent surfaces should be pre-wetted, but no puddles remain.

b) Product Preparation:
The required amount of water (5,50 lt water for 25 kg kraft sack) is put into a clean mixing container with the help of the scale and 7005-02 Restorex Repair Mortar is added slowly and mixed with a 400-500 rpm mixer for about 4 minutes.

c) Application Method:
The prepared mortar is applied to the previously moistened surface with a trowel. In applications where the application will be made in more than one coat, after the previous coat has hardened, the application should be made such that each coat is at most 5 cm thick. The previous coat must be moistened before the new coat is applied. In screed and concrete-like applications, 30 – 35% by weight clean aggregate can be added to the fresh mortar with grain size ranging from 5-20 mm.


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