7008 Epoksi Rapid

It is an epoxy resin based, three component, epoxy repair mortar resistant to abrasive chemicals used for the repair of mechanically impacted concrete surfaces.

► Epoxy Resin Based
► Three Component
► Horizontal and Vertical Surfaces
► Thixotropic
► Chemical Resistant
► Water and Gas Impermeable

> Ral
> Public Works Pos No: 04.613/8b


• Repair of columns and beams damaged by corrosion or other reasons,
• Filling the pits formed due to abrasion,
• All kinds of stone and concrete repairs.
• Very easy to apply.
• Water and gas impermeable.
• Resistant to chemicals.
• Excellent adherence to concrete.
• Takes mechanical strength very fast.

a) Surface Preparation:
The age of the concrete to be applied should be minimum 4 weeks provided that it depends on the ambient conditions. The surface to be repaired should be free from water, dust, oil, dirt, etc. materials should be cleaned from the surface, there should be no weakened parts on the surface.

b) Product Preparation:
Components A and B are mixed together with a slow speed mixer. Mixing is continued until a homogeneous gray color is obtained, then component C is added and mixed again. It is solvent-free, does not dilute with thinner.

c) Application Method:
After the mixture is applied, the mortar is applied with a trowel. To ensure surface smoothness, the epoxy mortar is smoothed with a trowel.


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