7009 Epoksi Grout

Epoxy resin based, three component, solvent free special graded, containing quartz aggregate,self-consolidating grout mortar.

► Epoxy Resin Based
► Vibration Resistant
► Flowability Feature
► Indoors and Outdoors
► High Strength
► Solvent Free

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• It is a self-spreading, flowable epoxy casting mortar that can be applied on concrete, stone, mortar, steel, aluminum, asbestos cement, polyester, wood and epoxy based materials.
• It is used in machine foundations, anchoring works, fixing of roadside barriers, support and connection elements, crane rails, bridge supports.
• High mechanical strength
• Excellent abrasion resistance
• High chemical resistance
• Water impermeability
• Dry in humid environment
• No solvent required.

a) Surface Preparation:
All free and crumb material must be removed from the surface. All oil and dirt on the surface should be cleaned by sandblasting or compressed air spraying. Rusted iron must be removed from the rust with a wire brush or sandblasting.

b) Product Preparation:
Pour component B into component A. Mix with a low speed electric mixer until the mixture in the turbid appearance is completely homogeneous. Then pour the mixture into a suitable container and add component C slowly and continuously, mix for at least 3 minutes until a homogenous and fluent mortar is obtained.

c) Application Method:
After the mixing process is completed, pour the product into the application area and provide enough pressure (15-20 cm) to maintain the movement of the material. Cast on one side. Make sure that the required air outlet is provided. If necessary, the flow of the grout can be assisted by the steel rod. It should be noted that the strength and adhesion values of the product will also change if the mixture ratios change.


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