8001-04 Lotti Floor K

It is a abrasion resistant, powder surface hardener consisting of a mixture of special type cement, high quality corundum aggregate and performance enhancing chemical additives applied monolithically to fresh concrete surfaces. Used against light, medium and heavy loads.

► Cement Based, Corundum Aggregate
► High Adhesion Strength
► Indoors and Outdoors
► Suitable for Heavy Pedestrian Traffic
► Easy To Apply
► Low Consumption

> Natural Grey / Red / Green
> Public Works Pos No:


• It is designed to be used in applications where the floor is exposed to medium and heavy traffic, to provide permanence and when dust-free surfaces are required. It will improve and increase the performance of all concrete surfaces.
• In workshops,
• In energy stations,
• In garages,
• In the park,
• In warehouses,
• Loading ramps,
• In Factory
• In shipyards,
• In aircraft hangars,
• In car wash places,
• Used on helicopter tracks.
• Easy to apply on newly polished floor concrete.
• Thanks to the modified polymers in it, it incorporates the water of the slab concrete to which it is applied and forms a monolithic structure with concrete after finishing.
• Does not oxidize.
• Applied surface is 4 to 6 times more resistant to abrasion than normal concrete surface.
• Contains corundum aggregate with special granulometric grain size.
• Resistant to freeze- thaw cycle.
• Resistant to flaking effect caused by antifreeze salts.

a) Surface Preparation:
If 8001 Lotti Floor K is to be applied on old concrete, at least 7.5 cm thick C 25 concrete must be poured. Use Epoxy Surface Primer or Latex to increase adherence and adhesion between new concrete and old concrete. The concrete to be applied must be wet enough to absorb the moisture that 8001 Lotti Floor K needs. The degree of wetness of the surface is extremely important. If the surface is too wet, 8001 Lotti Floor K will disappear within the thickness of the concrete itself and lose its effectiveness. If the surface is too dry, the product will not bond to the surface and the result will be negative.

b) Application Method:
Depending on the size of the floor, 4 – 5 m wide anos are placed as one full and one empty. Where necessary, mesh steel is placed in the anodes and the leveling process is completed. 8001 Lotti Floor K should be spread on both sides of the anos in order to get the best distribution on the surface. Concrete is gauged after casting, and it is ensured that it is settled with vibrating gauge application. When the concrete is set up with a foot, the footprint remains at a depth of 2-3 mm at most, and 1/2 of 8001 Lotti Floor K is spread evenly by hand or by mechanical spreading machine. It is expected that the material will absorb the water of the concrete, moisten and get a dark color. Make sure the color is equal on all sides of the floor. With trowel, material is fed to the ground thoroughly and integration is provided. A quantity of material is sprinkled onto the edges of the ano and dilatation joints, which are under the highest load, in a strip of 8 cm and fed with a trowel. The remaining 1/2 of the material is spread by sprinkling on the ground, it is expected to get a dark color by moistening and fed to the ground with a trowel. When the surface is hard enough to walk, polishing1 is performed with steel trowel (helicopter).

c) Hardening:
After application, Lotti Curing agent should be used for curing of concrete.

d) Joint Cutting:
After the concrete is poured, joint cutting should be done within 2-3 days at the latest. After placing Lotti Polyethylene Joint Sealant into the joint gaps, the remaining gaps should be filled with the appropriate MS, hybrid or polyurethane mastics of Lotti.


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