8003 Lotti Kür HC

It is a hydrocarbon resin based, transparent amber, yellow colored, solvent based liquid curing material that prevents rapid water loss in concrete. Reduces shrinkage cracks on the surface by preventing the evaporation of the water in the fresh concrete with the film layer it forms.

► Hydrocarbon Based
► Transparent
► Low Viscosity
► Silicate Based
► Solvent Based
► Shine

> Yellow
> Public Works Pos No:


• It is used in all areas such as storage areas, production facilities, cold storage areas, aircraft hangars, open-closed parking lots, industrial floors, docks and shops that require abrasion resistance and which should not be dusted. Suitable for indoor and outdoor, on horizontal surfaces.

• Increases chemical resistance and abrasion resistance of the applied concrete surface.
• Reduces dusting of the applied concrete surface.
• Reduces water loss of fresh concrete during hardening.
• Prevents dirt on the surface from leaking into concrete and facilitates cleaning.
• It is colorless, the application surface does not lose its concrete apeaarance.
• Ready to use, quick and easy to apply.
• Solvent based.

a) Surface Preparation:
Fresh Concrete: The surface must reach the durability that can be walked on after the final layer polishing process. Concrete quality should be minimum C20 / 25 class.
Hardened / Old concrete: The surface must be clean, sound and free of dust; adhesion preventive materials such as oil, dirt or cement laitance and surface water should be removed from the surface; materials such as mortar, cement residues should be scraped. Repair of surface defects with a depth of more than 1 cm should be done with Lotti Structural Repair Mortar or Lotti Grout repair mortars 6-8 hours in advance. If there are materials such as curing material, epoxy, acrylic coating, asphalt on the application surface, application should not be done. Hardened / old concrete surface should be cleaned from weak and foreign layers with 150 – 200 grit blasting stone between 150 – 300 revolutions. For an aesthetic appearance, this process should be done homogeneously on the entire surface. All dust, dirt, loose materials must be completely removed with a brush and/or vacuum cleaner before application.

b) Application Method:
Fresh Concrete: Immediately after the final coat application, the entire surface should be scanned with the help of high volume and low pressure spraying unit. It is important that the material forms a wet layer on the surface. This is necessary to observe whether the surface is fully saturated with the material. When the material begins to gel and become slippery (after 20 – 40 minutes), to reduce lubricity, the material should be lightly wetted with low pressure spray water and treated with a soft bristle brush to penetrate the surface for 10 – 20 minutes. After gelling, the surface should be rinsed and the excess material removed from the surface with a rake squeegee.
Hardened Concrete: Application should be done by scanning the whole surface with the help of high volume and low pressure spraying unit. It is important that the material forms a wet layer on the surface. This is necessary to observe whether the surface is fully saturated with the material. If rapid drying (rapid absorption by the floor) is observed, one more coat should be applied. In order to achieve the highest penetration, the application should be terminated before the gelling time (20 – 40 minutes) is completed. If there is no homogeneous appearance on the surface after gelling, the water should be lightly wetted with a sprayer and reprocessed for 10 – 20 minutes. After this process, the surface should be rinsed with plenty of water and excess material must be removed from the surface by means of vacuum or rake squeegee. Since the surface gloss will be formed as a result of heavy traffic and usage, the gloss will be formed between 3 and 6 months if no treatment is applied. In cases where luster is desired immediately, 2-stage polishing with diamond polishing shoes should be applied; The first stage should be done with 800 grid and the second stage with 1500 grid.


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