8004 Lotti Kür AC

Acrylic emulsion based, white colored, water based liquid curing material that prevents rapid water loss.

► Acrylic Emulsion Based
► One Component
► On Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces
► Prevents Shrinkage Cracks
► Prevents Dusting
► Fast and Easy to Apply

> Opaque
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• It is used for optimal curing of fresh concrete, screed and surface hardeners. It is applied indoors and outdoors to prevent rapid evaporation of mixing water, to increase crack formation on the surface and abrasion resistance to prevent dusting. It is suitable for curing vertical and horizontal building elements, high-rise buildings where curing with water is difficult, airport and field concretes, duct and canalette concretes, concrete castings where humidity is low and air currents are high.

• It is suitable to be used indoors where solvent based curing agents cannot be used.
• Helps concrete to reach target strength.
• Prevents shrinkage by keeping water in concrete.
• Prevents dusting as it increases the abrasion resistance of the surface.
• Ready to use, quick and easy to apply.

a) Surface Preparation:
Preparation of the newly applied concrete by appropriate gauging method should be completed. The surface must be firm, open-pored and clean. The surface must be free from perspiration water, oil and all loose materials, surface contaminants, cement laitance and have reached sufficient strength.

b) Application Method:
It should be applied after the smoothening of the surfaces which fresh concrete and surface hardener is applied is completed. Application should be carried out by low pressure spraying method in equal amounts and as a continuous film layer.


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