LottiFix Performans 2K 1015

It is S2 Class very flexible, cement and acrylic based adhesive mortar with two component, high performance, reduced slip property, long working time.

► Cement Based
► Horizontal, Vertical Surfaces
► High Adhesion Strength
► Suitable for Heavy Pedestrian Traffic
► Very Flexible
► Low Consumption

> Grey / Opaque
> Public Works Pos No: 04.013/1, 04.013/4


• It is used for bonding ceramics, granite, porcelain ceramics and marble up to 30 m height to the exterior of buildings safely. It is recommended to be supported by mechanical fixing as well as bonding method for application of coating materials from 60×60 cm up to 15 m high and 40×40 cm up to 30 m high on exteriors.
• It gives excellent results in the application of coating materials such as ceramic, natural stone, travertine, decorative brick, granite, porcelain ceramic, clinker, cotto on surfaces such as concrete, plaster, screed horizontally and vertically indoors and outdoors.
• It is used in places like shopping-business centers, hospitals, schools where there is heavy pedestrian and freight traffic.
• High adhesion strength.
• Thanks to its S2 class flexibility, it is resistant to surface stresses caused by sudden heat changes.
• Resistant to all kinds of climatic conditions.
• Does not slip in vertical surface applications.
• It has long working time.
• Easy to comb.

a) Surface Preparation:
The surface should be free of residues that prevent adhesion. The surface should be hardened and solid. The defects on the application surface should be corrected with Lotti Repair Mortar. Lotti Plaster should be used on anhydrite surfaces. The dusty surface behind the ceramic should be moistened and wiped.

b) Product Preparation:
25 kg Powder should be poured onto 5 lt liquid component slowly and should be mixed until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. The mixture should be made with a low speed mixer. 2-3 kg of water should be added to the liquid component. The prepared mortar should be rested for 5-10 minutes to mature. It should be mixed again for 1-2 minutes before application. In order to obtain a better bonding surface, the mortar should be spread on the surface with the flat side of the trowel and then combed with the toothed side of the trowel selected according to the tile size. Combined bonding method should be preferred in exterior applications.

c) Application Method:
1015 Performans 2K layer of 1 mm thickness is applied to the application surface with the flat side of the trowel. 1015 Performans 2K is applied in one direction in such a way that a uniform thickness is obtained with the toothed side of the trowel to an area that can be covered within 30 minutes, open waiting time. For the bonding of tiles or ceramics with different thicknesses, it is recommended to apply 1 mm thick mortar under each tile or ceramic in order to cover the defects on the application surface. When applying tiles or ceramics in place, the tiles or ceramics are floated in the mortar to ensure that they are fully in contact with adhesive mortar. Application is completed by leaving the recommended joint gap according to the appropriate tile or ceramic size. Lotti Joint Fillings should be used to fill the left joint gaps. Joints can be applied after approximately 24 hours.


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