LottiFix Epo Grout Pro

Epoxy resin based grouting material


Hygienic joint filling material which is two-compound, without solvent epoxy resin-based and resistant to acid, alkali and chemicals is suitable for watertight tile ceramic surfaces. It can be used 2-10 mm joint wideness if all kinds of floor coating. It is hygienic, dirt-resistant. It is easy to clean with cold water. It has the feature of hardening without dunting.


It is used for joint applications among ceramics in horizontal and vertical surfaces in interior and exterior places. Thanks to its feature of watertight and non-dunting, it is suitable to be used in wet areas, pools, terraces and broad areas. It is ideal to be used in the areas requiring high resistance to acid and bases and high mechanical strength (industrial plants, olympic pool, car service, laboratory, water tanks etc.). It can be used in hospitals because of its hygienic feature.


The approximate consumption (kg/m2) may vary by the application surface, tile size and notch size used.


In 5 kg plastic buckets (96 pieces / 480 kg in a pallet)


White, Beige, Dark Grey, Anthracite


Material content :

– component (A) : Epoxy resin

– component (B) : Hardener

Type : Paste (component A) + Liquid (component B)

Color : Gri / white / beige / anthracite

Density : 1,6 gr/cm3


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