3000 01 Lotti Fix PU 2C Multipurpose Fixing&Filling Material

Two component, polyurethane based, solvent-free, multipurpose fixing & filling material


Two component, polyurethane based, solvent-free, highly elastic, fixing and filling material with perfect adhesion characteristic which may also be used as filler on rubber materials for application on floors of sports facilities.


Used for fixing ceramic tile, porcelain ceramic, etc. coatings on concrete, metal, cemented panel, gypsum panel, wood, galvanized surfaces.
It is also used in applications for sports flooring, for fixing the rubber rollers on concrete surface.
Also to obtain a smooth surface by filling the holes in the rubber.
Suitable in parquette, fiberboard, plywood or polystyrene foam (EPS&XPS) applications.
It is used in application on heated floors because the product is capable of tolerating expansions due to differences in temperature.


0,800-0,1200 kg/m2 (Varies according to the condition of the surface and the type of coating).


Supplied in sets of 7 kg: (A: 6,25 kg + B: 0,75 kg)


Chemical Structure: Polyurethane

Density: Component A+B: ~1,75 kg/l (at +23 °C) (DIN EN ISO 2811-1)

Solids Content: ~ 100% (by volume) / ~ 100% (by weight)

Mixture Ratio (A+B): 90/10 (by weight)

Mechanical/Physical Properties:

Displacement Strength:  ~ 1,0 N/mm2, 1 mm adhesive thickness (+23 °C, 50% r.h) (DIN 281)

Traction Strength: ~ 1,5 N/mm2, 1 mm adhesive thickness (+23 °C, 50% r.h) (DIN 53455)

Shore A Hardness: ~ 35 (afters 28 days) (DIN 53505)

Elongation at Break: ~ 40% (+23 °C, 50% r.h) (DIN 53504)

 Conditions of Application:

Surface Temperature: Not less than +10 °C / Not more than +30 °C

Environment Temperature: Not less than +15 °C / Not more than +40 °C

Surface Humidity Ratio: Humidity ratio ≤ 4%

Relative Humidity: Not more than 80%

Condensation: No condensation must occur on the surface.

A film of humidity forming on the surface due to condensation prevents adhesion and the coating will be peeled off.

 NOTE: These tests have been performed under laboratory conditions using 200 g mixture

of materials. Times are given approximate durations and will be affected by varying ambient

conditions, and particularly with temperature and relative humidity.


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