3000 00 LottiFix ProProof PU

One component, polyurethane based, liquid, waterproofing material


PROPROOF PU one component, ready to use, liquid, excellent adhesion to different surfaces by creating a very elastic and durable film with high mechanical and chemical resistance, tensile, tear and abrasion resistance, continuous elastic structure with shrinkage cracks bridging properties, reaction with air humidity curing, polyurethane based waterproofing material.


PROPROOF is used as water isolation and protecting purposes in following areas:
– Terrace, roof and rain gutters,
– Patio and balconies,
– Applied under ceramics tiles,
– Lightweight roofs made of fibruous materials and metal surfaces,
– Bitumen, PVC, EPDM based membranes,
– Used with appropriate primers on concrete, wood and metal surfaces.


First layer: 0,600-0,800 kg/m2
Second layer: 0,600-0,900 kg/m2 total 1,2-1,5 kg/m2 (min.)


25 kg plastic cans


  • Crack bridging.
  • Easily applied (With roll or airless pistol).
  • Seamless application
  • Waterproofing performance in water puddles.
  • Improved UV and frost resistance.
  • Keeps physical properties -30 ºC / +90 ºC.
  • Allows the surfaces to breathe with its water vapor permeability.
  • Excellent adhesion
  • High chemical resistance
  • Does not contain toxic substances after curing.


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