6002 Primer DG

It is acrylic dispersion based, one component, consistent lining with high adhesion strenght applied before ceramic is coated on vertical glassy surfaces or ceramic surfaces to increase the adhesion and balance the absorbency of the surface.

► Polymer Dispersion Based
► Adherence Enhancer
► Easy to Apply
► Does Not Harm Human and Environmental Health
► Ready to Use
► Low Consumption


• Indoors-outdoors, vertical and horizontal applications,
• Outdoors, coatings such as ceramic, glazed press bricks, natural and composite stone,
• Indoors, on application by priming non-absorbent surfaces such as PVC and metal whose surface is sanded, adhered to the floor strongly,
• Providing excellent adherence on bright exposed concrete surfaces and before the application of repair mortar used for cosmetic purposes,
• In order to extend the processing time of leveling screed and other similar screeds, increase adherence to the ground and minimize air bubbles
• As a primer material before plastering or ceramic bonding works on wood particleboard surfaces indoors.
• It increases the adhesion strength by creating a rough surface for bonding ceramic on smooth and bright floors.
• It provides better adhesion of the ceramic adhesive to the surface by ensuring that the dusty parts on the surfaces adhere to the surface.
• Ready to use. It can be applied by brush or roller.
• Solvent free. Odorless. It does not harm human and environmental health.

a) Surface Preparation:
The application surface must be solid, dry, carrier, dust-free and clean and at the same time in its balance. The surface should be thoroughly cleaned of all kinds of oil, grease, rust and paraffin residues that will weaken the adherence and there should be no loose particles on the surface.

b) Product Preparation:
6002 Primer DG is mixed with 400-600 rpm mixer for 3-5 minutes until a uniform mixture is achieved.

c) Application Method:
Use a post roll or a small porous coral roll as a primer tool, provided that it does not exceed the maximum consumption. Do not allow to form ponding by distributing the material evenly. Thickness should not exceed 200 microns in each coat application. When the primer is dry, a yellowish, unscratchable and sandy film layer is obtained. Application is performed on the film layer formed.


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