3013 Flash Stop

It is a polymer reinforced powder insulation material that contains special type cement and chemical additives, used in insulation and repair of active water leaks, hardens within 2-3 minutes when reacting with water and provides high adherence.

► Special Cement and Mineral Additive
► Adheres To The Surface Perfectly
► Instant Socket Sets
► Water and Frost Resistant
► Easy to Apply
► Low Consumption

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• Indoors-outdoors, vertical and horizontal applications,
• For repairing new static (stationary) cracks,
• For isolation of active water leaks,
• Waterproofing of pipe and cable passages,
• For repairing defects in concrete,
• Filling and blocking water leaks before insulation,
• In filling tie-rod iron cavities,
• For chamfering of concrete edge and corner joints and cold joint repairs.
• It is single component, mixed with water only.
• It stops active water leaks by sudden setting.
• Easy to use.
• Expands to form a waterproof sealant.
• Has high strength and stability.
• After 15 minutes, insulation materials can be applied on.
• Does not cause corrosion of steel reinforcement as it does not contain chlorine.
• Safely used in drinking water tanks.

a) Surface Preparation:
The application surface should be solid, dry, carrier, dust-free and clean. The surface should be cleaned from all kinds of oil, grease, rust, tar, paint and curing materials that will reduce adherence. Existing cracks and gaps should be cut with 20 mm depth and width with vertical edges. V-shaped gaps should be avoided, sharp corner details should not be left.

After 3013 Flash Stop is poured into a clean application container in the amount you can consume in 60 seconds and enough water is added, mix by hand using a suitable glove. Do not mix for more than 30 seconds. ATTENTION: Use warm or hot water in cold weather. Do not add aggregates, chemicals or foreign substances to the mixture.

c) Application Method:
Repair of Active Water Leaks;
Open the crack with active water leakage until it reaches a solid ground with a width and depth of at least 20 mm. Mix 3013 Flash Stop with appropriate amount of water, become conical shape in your hand and then when it starts to heat up, apply it to the area of active water leakage with a single movement. Apply pressure by holding your hand steady for at least 45 seconds. After the material has hardened, remove your hand slowly. Repeat the above procedure several times from the circumference of the gap to the center for repair of gaps that cannot be closed at once. Immediately after application, remove any excess material around the cavity with suitable equipment.

To Insulate Wall-Floor Cold Joint in an Existing Structure;
The cold joint must be opened with a width and depth of at least 20 mm or until it reaches solid ground. Wire, wooden wedges or similar materials should be removed from the surface. Then, the opening joint must be filled with 3013 Flash Stop appropriately.

To Fix Metal Anchors or Fasteners to Reinforced Concrete;
On the reinforced concrete surface, the anchoring cavity should be opened with suitable mechanical drilling tools and more space than the diameter of the anchoring element. Then all dust and weak materials in the cavity should be removed. The anchoring cavity should be saturated with water before application. The prepared anchoring cavities should be filled with enough 3013 Flash Stop. The anchoring element should be quickly turned and placed in the direction of its vertical axis and ensured that 3013 Flash Stop dull.


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