3016 Latex

It is a multi-purpose, adhesive liquid synthetic rubber emulsion which is added to increase the adherence and water impermeability of cementitious mortars.

► On Glassy and Ceramic Surfaces
► High Adhesion Strength
► Very Flexible
► Water and Frost Resistant
► Wear Resistant
► Low Consumption

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• Indoors-outdoors, vertical and horizontal applications,
• Mortars, plaster and screeds.
• It is used as adherence additive in mortars prepared for repair purposes.
In Plaster Mortars
It is used as adherence and water impermeability promoter additive in internal and external plasters of reinforced concrete silos, water tanks, pools, treatment plants. Polymer Cement Concrete Primer in Screeds
It is used to prevent cold joint formation and increase adherence in new concrete or screed applications on old concrete. In screeds
For obtaining high adherence and non-cracking surfaces even on 2 cm thick screeds; for increasing water impermeability and against dust, cracking on industrial floors, it is used together with high water reducing super plasticizer concrete admixture. In Coating Mortars
It is used as an additive in order not to be affected by the freez-thaw cycle of the mortars prepared for laying natural stone, brick and tile plates in outdoor areas. In Rough Rendering Preparation
It is used to increase adherence in the rough rendering before the application of plaster and ceramic on concrete or aerated concrete surfaces with smooth surface finish.
• Creates a strong and permanent bond.
• Provides excellent adherence and impermeability.
• Increases resistance to water, oil and salt solutions.
• Increases resistance to freeze-thaw cycle.
• Reduces stress on large areas by increasing the tensile strength of bending.
• Provides crackless hardening with reduced shrinkage.
• Provides resistance to saponification and does not contain additives causing corrosion.

a) Surface Preparation:
Take care that cement-based surfaces must be solid, carrier, dust-free and clean. The surface should be thoroughly cleaned from all kinds of oil, grease, rust and paraffin residues that will weaken the adherence. The edges of the surface formed by breaking should be cut as vertically as possible, the rust in the reinforcement should be cleaned and new reinforcement should be added if necessary. If there is water leakage on the surface, it should be drained or closed with an appropriate plug.

Application surface should be saturated with water before 12 hours, but there should be no free water on the surface.

b) Product Preparation:
3016 Latex is diluted with water in the proportions specified in the application method and mixed.
In Plaster Mortars;
350 kg of cement is mixed with 1 m3 washed river sand of appropriate grade. The liquid mixture prepared by adding 5 kg of 3016 Latex into 120 kg of water is added to the previously prepared powder mixture until a trowel consistency is obtained. Surfaces should be wetted 12 hours before application, 3016 Latex additive mortar should be applied on wet/dry surface.
Polymer Cement Concrete Primer in Screeds
It is used in new concrete or screed applications on old concrete in order to prevent cold joint formation and to increase adherence. A: 1 kg cement and 3 kg (0-3 mm threaded) washed river sand is mixed. B: 1 kg 3016 Latex is mixed with 2 kg water. A and B mixtures are mixed to a boza consistency. The prepared mixture is applied by brush with a thickness of 2 mm on the wetted surface 12 hours ago. Fresh concrete should be placed on P.C.C. before drying, P.C.C. should not be allowed to dry. After applying a new coat on drying P.C.C., fresh concrete is placed on it. There is a total consumption of 0,35 kg/m2 on the first and second coat.
Screed Construction;
At least 350 kg of cement is mixed into 1 m3 of washed river sand of appropriate grade. The liquid mixture prepared by adding 4 kg of 3016 Latex to 110 kg of water is added to the powder mixture which is prepared before, until the mortar has a suitable consistency. The primer layer described in detail above should be applied to the surface. Fresh concrete should be placed on the primer layer before it dries.
Screed Construction on Industrial Floors-Preparation of concrete;
1 m3 aggregate in appropriate grade is mixed with at least 380 kg cement, 85 kg water, 3 kg 3016 Latex and 6 kg highly water reducing super plasticizer concrete admixture. The prepared primer is applied to the floor with the help of suitable tools. 3016 Latex mortar is applied on the floor without allowing the applied primer to dry.
In mortars 1 m3 aggregate in appropriate grade, 250 kg cement and 3 kg 3016 Latex are mixed with appropriate amount of water. Prepared mortar and floor covering materials are applied to the floor.
Scatter Mortar;
1 m³ of river sand, 350 kg of cement and 10 kg of 3016 Latex of appropriate grade is mixed, water is added until the boza consistency. It is applied to the moistened surface with a sprinkler 12 hours ago and allowed to dry. Before the application of plaster or ceramic tile, the surface is moistened and then applied.
Drying Time;
It can be walked on cement based screeds prepared with the contribution of 3016 Latex after 24 hours. 3016 Latex mortars gain their final strength after 28 days at +20°C. The dosage rates given above are for normal use, not necessarily absolute limits, and other dosage rates may be used in special cases according to particular conditions of use. If necessary, consult Technical Services Department of the Construction Chemicals Department of Lotti Yapı Kimyasalları San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Trial mixes should be performed to ensure optimum dosage and effect.


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