3015 Sikalem

Waterproofing admixture with normal setting for concrete and mortar. Ready to use water impermeable admixture that reacts with cement and sand in concrete or mortar mixture and fills capillary cavities and pores.

► Waterproofing Additive
► Takes Normal Socket
► Ready to Use
► Crystallized
► Economic
► Low Consumption

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> Public Works Pos No: 04.613/A


• Tunnels
• Foundations
• Culverts
• Channels
• Water tanks
• Check galleries
• Manholes
• Swimming pools
• Ready to use and.
• Economical insulation.
• Does not affect the setting time and strength of the mortar.

a) Surface Preparation:
Concrete surfaces should be roughened or notched by using methods such as abrasion with wire, sandblasting method and any accessories, fittings etc. equipments on the surface should be removed. The surface should be improved by removing cracks, porous areas and blistering from the surface. Water leaks must be stopped or the water level reduced by the Quick Set Water Impermeability Additive. A slurry consistency primer layer should be applied before the first coat application.

b) Product Preparation:
Shake the product before use. Mix 1 scale of 3015 Sikalem thoroughly with 10 scales of clean water in a clean container. For better results, it is recommended to first mix the water with an equal amount of 3015 Sikalem and then add the rest of the water.

c) Application Method:
Walls: Apply a mixed mortar with a steel trowel to a thickness of 6 mm until a smooth consistency is achieved. Apply the second coat after the first coat begins to cure (usually 4-5 hours).After second coat application, if four coats are to be applied, after application of the third coat, apply only a ‘thin’ mortar layer prepared with water to increase the adhesion of the top coat. In order to obtain better adhesion strengths, intermediate coats should not be scraped for roughening purpose. Topcoat application should be done with a wooden trowel to avoid the formation of grout residues on the surface.
First coat (1 :1): The dry mix should contain the same amounts of cement and sand (passing through a 3 mm sieve) by volume. 3015 Sikalem mixture is then added and mixed.
Second coat (1 :1,5): Prepare cement:sand mixture in 1:1,5 rate (passing through a 3 mm sieve) and add 3015 Sikalem mixture.
Third coat (1 : 2,5): The dry mixture ratio should be 1: 2.5 (cement: sand. Add 3015 Sikalem mixture and mix.
Topcoat (1 :1): (On the second or third coat) The dry mixture should contain 1: 1 (by volume) of cement: sand and the mortar produced without adding 3015 Sikalem should be applied with a wooden trowel. For best results, the cement should be fresh Portland cement. Sand; clean, angular and less than 3 mm in size. Soft and round grained sands are not useful. Floors: The application which is normally done together with primer (Water, Latex, sand, cement) application with two coats of brush is as follows;
Floors: The application which is normally done together with primer (Water, Latex, sand, cement) application with two coats of brush is as follows;
Adhesive coat (1 : 1): Dry mix cement and sand, 3015 Sikalem mixture is added and then mix until a plastic consistency is obtained.
Main floor coat (1 : 2,5): Spread the mixture in a semi-dry state over the still wet adhesive layer, not thinner than 28 mm, and ram until moisture rises to the surface. Smooth the surface with a wooden trowel.


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