1018 Epoksifix

It is solvent-free, chemical resistant, with waterproofing, epoxy resin based, multi-purpose adhesive and joint filling material.

► Polymer Modified
► Excellent Adhesion
► Practical Application
► Inside and Outside
► On Wall and Floor
► Low Consumption

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It is used in;
• Indoor and outdoor,
• Horizontal and vertical applications,
• Hospitals and all kinds of hygienic environments,
• Swimming pool, thermal pool and wet areas,
• Cheese, milk, wine, meat, fish and food industries,
• Pharmaceutical, paint, paper, battery and fertilizer industries,
• Printing houses, laundries, industrial kitchens and cafeterias,
• Places exposed to heavy pedestrian traffic such as shopping malls, terminals,
• Floor heating systems,
• Waste water and treatment plants,
• For bonding materials such as tiles,
ceramics, marble, granite, acid-resistant ceramics, porcelain ceramics, glass mosaics and glass bricks to concrete, plaster and metal surfaces.
• Does not form mold and fungus.
• Has high mechanical strength.
• Resistant to oils, chemicals, acids, alkalis, chemical and domestic waste water.
• Not affected by sudden temperature changes.
• Resistant to freeze-thaw cycle.
• No harmful effects on drinking water.

a) Surface Preparation:
If the app­li­ca­ti­on sur­fa­ce is conc­re­te, plas­ter, it must be har­de­ned and if it is metal, it must be cle­aned from rust and oil. The app­li­ca­ti­on sur­fa­ce sho­uld be free of ad­he­si­ve pre­ven­ti­ve ma­te­ri­als such as dust, oil, tar, pitch, paint, si­li­co­ne, cu­ring ma­te­ri­al, de­ter­gent and mol­ding oils. The sur­fa­ce sho­uld be dry, stab­le and level. Mo­is­tu­re of the sur­fa­ce sho­uld be below 4%.

b) Product Preparation:
1018 Epoksifix is pac­ka­ged in app­rop­ri­ate qu­an­ti­ti­es in two com­po­nents. Add 0.20 kg of com­po­nent B (har­de­ner) to 5 kg of com­po­nent A (Epoxy resin) and mix for at least 3 mi­nu­tes with a 400-600 rpm mixer drill with mixer bit. Com­po­nent B (Har­de­ner) is inc­lu­ded in the pac­ka­ge of com­po­nent A (Epoxy resin). The com­po­nents are pac­ka­ged in the cor­rect mi­xing pro­por­ti­ons. If part of the pro­duct will be used, this rate sho­uld be ob­ser­ved.

c) Application Method:
1018 Epoksifix is app­li­ed in prin­cip­le as ce­ment-ba­sed ce­ra­mic ad­he­si­ves. 1018 Epoksifix is app­li­ed in a way that 2 mm thick­ness is ob­ta­ined with su­itab­le to­ot­hed tro­wel se­lec­ted ac­cor­ding to the ce­ra­mic size to be ad­he­red. Mi­ni­mum 4 mm to­ot­hed comb is used. The con­tact layer is for­med by pres­sing the flat side of the tro­wel on the app­li­ca­ti­on sur­fa­ce where heavy load will be on and im­me­di­ately the epoxy mi­x­tu­re is put for the app­li­ca­ti­on of the to­ot­hed tro­wel, app­li­ed with a comb and ce­ra­mics are bon­ded. Do not bond to the pro­duct that has star­ted to dry. Joint fil­ling app­li­ca­ti­on is star­ted after 1 day.


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