4002 Lotti Plast

It is a fiber-reinforced, thermal insulation plaster mortar with high flexibility and adhesion strength, breathable, resistant to adverse weather conditions, water and impacts.

► Cement Based
► Indoors and Outdoors
► Water and Frost Resistant
► Fiber Reinforced
► Easy To Apply
► Time and Labor Savings

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• Indoor and outdoors,
• It is used for plastering thermal insulation boards (Expanded polystyrene – EPS and extruded polystyrene – XPS),
• Easy to apply, provides excellent adhesion.
• Resistant to water and frost.
• Not affected by temperature changes.
• Flexible.
• Provides high stability, does not sag and crack.
• Water vapor permeable, allows the surface to breathe.
• Paint can be applied directly on it.

a) Surface Preparation:
The application surface and boards ahould be solid and free from adhesion preventive substances such asdust, oil, tar, pitch, paint, silicone, curing agent, detergent and molding oil. The boards to be plastered must be solid and firmly seated and the gaps between them should be covered with Multi-Purpose Polyurethane Foam or the same material.

b) Product Preparation:
25 kg 4002 Lotti Plast Thermal Insulation Board Plaster Mortar – Fiber Added (Thick) is added into approximately 6-7 lt of clean water and preferably mixed with a low speed mixer so that no lump remains. The prepared mortar is left to mature for 5-10 minutes and used by mixing again for 1-2 minutes. The mixture in the container should be consumed within 2 hours.

c) Application Method:
At least 24 hours after the doweling of the thermal insulation board, first layer plaster of 2-3 mm thickness is applied on the boards with a trowel. When the applied mortar is still wet, the Plaster Net is pressed from top to bottom and stretched and embed in the mortar. After approximately 6 hours, the surface is moistened and covered with a second layer of plaster (2-3 mm thick) and smoothed for painting. To prevent cracking, the net is overlapped by 10 cm at the joints. Depending on the weather conditions and application thickness, it is necessary to wait 2-3 days for the paint. If the air temperature is high after the application is completed, moisten the surface until the cement sets.


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