3003 İzo Çim

It is a high performance additive in powder form which precisely prevents water and moisture, used by mixing with concrete and mortar. Since Izoçim cement paste forms a waterproof layer in the capillary cavities of mortars and concretes, it provides absolutely impermeability to water and moisture.

► Cement Based
► Prevents Water and Moisture
► Superior Performance
► Economical
► In Internal and External Plasters
► Low Consumption

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• Internal and external,
• Water tanks, swimming and ornamental pools,
• Sealing pits, silos,
• Bare concrete, cupola insulations,
• Foundation walls, retaining and curtain walls,
• Precise results are obtained in wet areas such as foundations and bridges, kitchens, balconies, terraces, bathrooms, WC, in all areas where water and moisture impermeability is desired.
• Economic
• It precisely provides water and moisture impermeability, prevents the corrosion of the reinforcement in the concrete structure, does not adversely affect the strength of the carrier systems, on the contrary, it has the property of increasing the strength.

a) Grouting Mortar:
According to the proportions specified in the dosage table, the sieved sand is discharged to a clean surface. 3003 İzo Çim is poured on sand and mixed well with a shovel. Cement is added to this admixture and continue to mix. Enough water is added and it is became mortar and left rest for about 30 minutes. 12 shovels are taken from the matured mortar and diluted in a container until it reaches a dark buttermilk consistency. The grouting obtained is applied to the floor with a brush or broom. It is thrown with a grouting spreading machine on vertical surfaces.

b) Screed and Lime-Free Plasters:
3003 İzo Çim is mixed well with coarse sand according to the ratios stated in the dosage table. Mixing is continued by adding cement to the admixture. Enough water is added and it is became mortar. Wooden trowel and sponge should be used for leveling the screed, never polishing with steel trowel.

c) Concrete:
For concrete walls and foundation, 30 kg of 3003 İzo Çim is added into 1 m3 of concrete. If the mixtures will be mixed with a mixer in concrete manufacturing; 3003 İzo Çim is added directly to the mixer and mixed for 5 minutes.


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